Our Water

Our Source

Far underground beneath many layers of impenetrable granite and limestone flows our simple little known, natural secret. The cool and fresh crystal clear waters of Northumbria Spring.

Fresh, pure, local spring water that filters naturally through the cracks and crevasses of the mineral rich rock, flowing directly beneath our feet.

That’s because, our factory is built around two onsite boreholes so the only time our spring water deviates from its natural underground course is when we bottle it.

Our Flavours

Using our pure spring water we create a wide range of delicious natural flavour combinations and carbonations. Whether it’s for our own brand or for our customers, our complete and in-depth NPD process and liquid development is of the highest standard to ensure our products taste delicious and look great.

Quality Guaranteed

Our water is extracted and bottled at source in our factory. Rich in minerals and triple filtered  only the purest water reaches our bottles. Our on-site quality team constantly monitors production to guarantee impeccable quality every time and we are proud to achieve consistently high levels of accreditation.

Healthy Hydration

Crisp, clear and pure, our water is naturally rich in minerals and has higher levels of Calcium and Magnesium than most other bottled waters to help maintain healthy teeth and bones and a healthy immune system.