Clearly Drinks offer a flexible, high-quality bottling and canning service to cover the requirements of our contract pack and own label customers.

We can accommodate medium and large runs, offering a wide variety of drinks solutions to cater for our customers needs.

We offer a portfolio of packaging options including Cans, PET and Glass bottles in a variety of different formats. Our team at Clearly Drinks are highly knowledgeable and have been delivering this high quality service to many satisfied customers for over 30 years.





6 pack 12 pack 24 pack


6 pack 8 pack 12 pack 24 pack
330ml (standard)
330ml (sleek)

Additional can formats are available. Some of these may need additional commissioning.


4 pack 4×6 pack 12 pack 24 pack

For all contract bottling enquiries please download our form below and email to:
ContractBottling. Enquiries@clearlydrinks

Contract Bottling Enquiry form

Clearly Drinks

Bottling & Canning

Clearly Drinks

We bottle our customers products with the most frequently used beverage packaging material, PET. Our facilities cater for those brands who’d also like the option to bottle in glass for their more premium products; for the likes of water, soft drinks and juices. Cans are something we are also well versed in and able to produce a wide range of formats.

Our process involves the use of modern technology that allows us to cut down process time and to create the best solution possible for our customers.

The bottling process involves labelling and then filling, with end of line packing as an option. We can bottle various sizes which vary depending on the type of material our customers are looking to explore. If you’re curious to see what we can cater too, please enquire with the form above.

We also have the ability of utilising our in-line carbonation which gives a consistent well carbonated product if that’s something the customer requests.


Our packaging facilities has been built to give maximum flexibility of packaging for our customers. We are an experienced manufacturer and packer who can offer advice, and recommendations to maximise the quality of your solution.

We guarantee you a carefully managed process with emphasis on quality, ease of production and turnaround.

Here at Clearly Drinks we offer a variety of different labels to accommodate your needs. For your PET products, we use wrap around labels for standard bottles and a sleeve for contour bottles. This varies for the likes of glass where we can use full wrap and neck, front and back labels.

We understand presentation is key whether you’re supplying a wholesaler, retailer or simply distributing through your own channel. The final touches are key, and we understand the importance of packing your products to the highest of standards. In-house, we have the ability to shrink wrap your products in various formats including many sizes of tray. We also offer a bespoke cartoon service as an alternative to this.

Capabilities & Formats

Clearly Drinks have built up a reputation within the bottling and canning space with years of experience under our belt. This is what we are known for and will continue to deliver a high-quality service to all our customers. With what once started out as dealing with smaller’ local customer; we have now built up a large customer portfolio and working with some of the biggest and well-known, world wide brands within the space.

In the last few years, we have invested heavily in our lines giving as much versatility to our customers as possible. Our state of the art can line that was introduced in 2021 and is something we were passionate on delivering to meet the market demands. The new canning facility has enabled an expansion of our product portfolio. This line is capable of producing 500 cans a minute, 30,000 cans an hour and 160m cans a year.

We offer a variety of different formats ranging from 270ml – 1.5L PET bottles, 150ml – 330ml Cans and 200ml – 750ml Glass Bottles. We can produce an array of products including mixers & tonics, functional/flavoured water, kombucha and soft drinks… and this is just some of them. If you seek to pack these in secondary packaging, we can wrap them in shrink or look to pack them in trays or cartons.

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Clearly DrinksClearly Drinks


Clearly Drinks Ltd,
Riverside Road, Southwick,
Sunderland, Tyne & Wear SR5 3JG.

Clearly DrinksClearly Drinks


Clearly Drinks Ltd, Riverside Road, Southwick,
Sunderland, Tyne & Wear SR5 3JG.